Management & Board

Company Officers

Dale McClanaghan

President, CEO and Director

Mr. McClanaghan has had a varied career in banking (Bank of Montreal corporate finance), real estate development (privately and as CEO of Van City Real Estate Company) and mineral exploration. As well he has had active social roles as director of non-profit (Vancouver Heritage Foundation, Sanford Housing Society), educational (Board Member of Langara College) and civic agencies (President of the NPA Association, Chair of City of Vancouver Planning Commission). He will be the Senior Person in Charge under the MMPR regulations.

Gary Mathiesen

Chief Financial Officer

Mr. Mathiesen is a chartered accountant. He has been the President and principal of Quay Property Management Corp., and related companies since October 2000. Quay Property Management Corp. is a real estate management company which currently manages and owns Lonsdale Quay Market and Tsawwassen Quay Market, and previously a number of other real estate projects and businesses in Canada, the US and other countries. Mr. Mathiesen has served as an officer and director of several TSX Venture Exchange listed companies.

Carl Correia

Chief Operating Officer and Responsible Person in Charge (MMPR)

Mr. Correia will be the Responsible Person In Charge (RPIC) as defined by the MMPR. Mr. Correia is 35 years old. He has firsthand production experience and since the beginning of 2013 has been producing as a “designated grower” for multiple patients under the MMAR regime. He is a meticulous producer who focuses on quality and safety and has operated his previous facility with many of the production and security practices of the new MMPR regime.

Mr. Correia is currently enrolled in and completing courses offered by KPU Polytechnic University for “Professional Management of Medical Marijuana for Medical Purposes in Canada”. This course covers Marketing, Sales and Drug Development and Plant Production and Facility Management. Over the past year and a half, Mr. Correia has received certification in “Fundamentals of Quality Assurance for Medical Marihuana – Good Production Practices” from the Academy of Applied Pharmaceutical Sciences and additional certification for “Security Considerations for Licensing and Operating Commercial Medical Marihuana Facilities” from Experchem Laboratories. He has also attended many seminars, conferences and meetings with industry experts which have provided him with a very broad understanding of this exciting industry.

Mr. Correia has also run a successful electrical contracting company for the past 12 years. He was attending courses to become a mechanical engineer, though this project has put those plans on hold. A large number of electrical equipment is required to produce medical marijuana and electrical contractors are a necessary part of the process. Mr. Correia’s experience in the electrical industry has given him direct access and experience in facility design, generally and specifically, and has also given him access to many MMAR operations where he has observed both production processes and facility design.

Mr. Correia has a passion to help advance this industry by efficiently and effectively bringing safe, quality medical marihuana to registered patients in need.

Operations Management

Carl Correia

Chief Operating Officer and Person in Charge (MMPR)

See Above.

Tracy Edwards

Quality Control Specialist MMPR

Tracy holds a BA from Red Deer College with concentration in biological sciences Technology and a Diploma in Biological Sciences from Northern Alberta Institute of Technology in 1988. She has worked in Quality Assurance in the beer brewing business since 1997. Her experience is directly relevant to the operation of this types of facility as beer production and sale is regulated in a similar manner to the MMPR and the quality assurance issues are largely the same. Tracy will also to attend the courses offered by the Academy Of Applied Pharmaceuticals Sciences shown below to be certified in Quality Control for Medical Marijuana.

Monica Holubowski

Head Grower and Assistant Person in Charge (MMPR)

Monica holds a Diploma in Horticulture and Commercial Floriculture from the Ontario Agricultural College. She has worked with Pacific Regeneration Technologies (PRT) Growing Services Inc. in Vernon, British Columbia since 1985 and been head grower since 2004. She has been responsible for organizing, implementing and directing the horticultural program, supervising and training employees in all elements of growing activities including quality control.

Board of Directors

Dale McClanaghan

President, CEO and Director

See above.

Steve Mathiesen

Mr. Mathiesen is a corporate director and consultant. He was previously a corporate and securities lawyer for more than 30 years and until 2011, was a partner at the national law firm, McMillan LLP, focussed on mergers and acquisitions, financings, governance and other corporate matters. He is currently a director and officer of several private and public companies.