Lotus Meets with Security Expert, David Hyde, to Prepare for Evidence Package

Lotus Meets with Security Expert, David Hyde, to Prepare for Evidence Package

November 29, 2018

Lotus Ventures Inc. (CSE: J) or (the “Company”) met with David Hyde & Associates last week to discuss the final steps prior to submitting its evidence package to Health Canada. The overall impact of the meeting was positive, as security is a large portion of the package. 100 on-site security cameras, perimeter fencing and the production vault have all been installed and are operational.

Lotus set an anticipated date with Mr. Hyde and his team, to return to the facility in December to film and finalize the evidence package. The package can then be edited and submitted to Health Canada and the Lotus cultivation license should be issued shortly thereafter.

O’Cannabiz and Lift & Co. Expo Vancouver

A portion of the Lotus team will be attending both O’Cannabiz Expo (December 10-11) and the Lift & Co. Cannabis Expo (January 10-13) in Vancouver, BC. The team invites shareholders to attend, as this will be a great opportunity to discuss the company’s strategy and plans for 2019.

Lotus Ventures Inc.
“Dale McClanaghan”
Dale McClanaghan, President and CEO

About Lotus Ventures Inc.
Lotus is a late stage licensed producer applicant under the Cannabis Act, in active review with Health Canada. The unique business model combines an upstream royalty financing model with Auxly and a downstream licensing model with farmer/grower partners using Lotus technology and intellectual property. The first facility in Spallumcheen, B.C. is a purpose built, “state of the art” indoor facility with proprietary processes.

For further information: Dale McClanaghan:dalemcclanaghan@gmail.com(604) 644-9844 or Daniel McRobert, Communications danielmcrobertt@gmail.com (604) 842-4625

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